Zombie Me (Apoca-mix)

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Did we just remake Zombie Me? Yes… yes we did…

This song has a special place in my heart for a two reasons:

1. It was one of the first songs, along with “Someday“, that Neil and I wrote and recorded for our first studio album. It was the first time Neil and I had written together in years, and it was a great experience to get back into that space again.

2. It’s about zombies! And it’s no secret that I loves me some zombies!

Like so many of our songs, “Zombie Me” came out of a “what if”, and a simple switch-up of the point of view. I thought it’d be fun to take the angle of someone who recently become a member of the undead. And then I thought, if it were me, it would probably be because of some silly, easily avoidable manner of death.

We’ve re-envisioned this song because while we both still dig the original, we thought it would be fun to play around with a new sonic direction. We wanted to try something a bit more aggressive, something that matched the vibe of our newer stuff.

The trick was to find a new way to handle the zombie call-and-response section on the bridge. We knew we had to keep the zombies groaning, but we knew that the joke would get old for fans of the original version. So we tried to come up with something that took that gag a little further. And it made us both giggle. So that’s a good sign.

Zombie Town

Zombie Town, a little something I painted for fun

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