the living dead

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Before I had decided to make a “Songs for the Undead” collection, I had already wanted to make a bunch of zombie songs simply because I love zombies so much.

Zombie movies are always a good place to go for inspiration, because there are so many to choose from. But I still wanted to explore some other ideas.

The Living Dead Zombie Sketch

At some point I thought, “wouldn’t it be funny if I wasn’t scared of zombies, but just annoyed and couldn’t sleep, because they were outside and loud?” I imagined being a guy in the post zombie apocalypse who just has to deal with it—zombies slurping on bones, scraping around, shuffling, scratching at the windows and doors. They can’t get in my house or eat me. They’re just keeping me up.

I made the demo of this song in garage band with a simple keyboard part and vocals over it. Then Neil took it in the direction of a supertramp, early Elton John vibe, with a retro feel that I love.

The Living Dead Art - pete mitchell no more kings

an original mixed media piece, on my Etsy shop

The Living Dead Hungry Zombies

Original watercolor painting, on my Etsy shop

The Living Dead Zombie Mob Trio

Framed set of three original zombie watercolors, on my Etsy shop

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