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We’re kicking off this collection with “Knikkerbakker” because Neil had a hankering to make some old timey piano and guitar music. With its old Hollywood, silent movie era vibe, this song reminds me of “Honey Pie” by The Beatles.

Knickerbocker is a word for an old-fashioned style of golf pants, as well as a slang word for a New Yorker—specifically rich, Manhattan aristocracy. We clung to the latter idea and decided to write the song like a Billy Joel Uptown Girl, about a poor New Yorker who has nothing to offer to a rich New Yorker.

Knikkerbakker | No More Kings Music

In case you didn’t know, this old-fashioned bike is called a penny-farthing.

Neil sings all the harmonies in this song, and I really like the playful, high-energy, whimsical, arrangement he put together.


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