bad, bad leroy brown

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choosing the cover

We had a hard time narrowing down the list of possible covers for the 1973 collection. So many great songs were released that year. But ultimately we decided that this jim croce classic was the winner.

art projects

i’m working on a comic to accompany this song, as well as a few short animated bits. the two paintings below were prizes in a raffle I held when the song was released.

bad bad leroy brown

leroy starts a bar brawl. that leroy, he trouble.

more leroy art

leroy brown jigsaw puzzle

(alternate album art)

leroy brown sketch

i started imagining leroy brown as a bit of a greaser. i gave him a leather jacket and a switchblade. and a unibrow. of course.

bad bad leroy brown sketch

Leroy brown is bad. too bad to bother shaving.

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