About Time

i watched a movie called “About Time” yesterday. it’s about a boy who can time travel within his own life. very simple premise. very charming film. the theme, or last bit of advice the father gives is this: live each day twice. once through normally, with all the stress and pain and annoyances of the day. then live the same day again, changing nothing. this time you aren’t stressed because you know the outcome. you aren’t annoyed because you can concentrate on life’s details, since you already know how the day will end.

for me this idea, kind of like watching a movie twice, is exciting. the first time i see a film, i bring all my expectations to it. and i am disappointed, usually. but the second time i watch it, i almost always enjoy it more. free of the pressure of forcing my expectations on it. i notice more little details. the richness of the thing.

i want to live life like this the first time through.

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the hanging tree (cover by petey)

hi guys! it’s been a while since i’ve posted any videos or music, and i’m here to change that!
i recently re-watched the first three hunger games movies in preparation for the final fourth movie later this year. oh man! i love this series so much! i was compelled to record my own version of the super cool climactic song from the third film. so here it is! let me know what you think!

you can check out more of my covers here.

New Critical Hit art

hey everybody!

i just finished up this new watercolor piece for the Critical Hit page.



here’s a quick time-lapse making-of video:

it’s available for sale on my etsy shop.


NMK’s third album is out now!

nmk iii

our third album, NMK III, is out now! it’s available on itunes, and soon will be on our bandcamp page as well.
it’s a compilation of all the singles we’ve released over the past year or so, and includes two previously unreleased songs.

so hop on over to itunes and grab it up!

NMK music on TV and in the movies!

We had a great month last month, with several of our songs featured on TV and in some movies.


First, our song they’re coming to get you barbara was featured during the ending credits of USA’s hit show ‘Psych‘.

doc of the dead

we also had two songs, they’re coming to get you barbara and “the living dead” in the new zombie documentary ‘doc of the dead‘, from the people that made ‘the people versus george lucas’.

and lastly, we had two songs, “Tricky” and “Enter the Dragon“, in the new film “B-BOY for life

So, thanks again for sticking with us! and let us know if you caught any of these NMK-hearings!

1973 Special Edition EP and T-shirts


Our first independant EP release, 1973, is still available as a limited edition CD. Made specially for our 2013 performance at the Linton Music Festival, this CD comes with 6 tracks of bonus material.

Click here to get it.

We’ve also got new t-shirts in two flavors! Grab them here, at our Bandcamp store.



Also, Neil’s other music project, Dirt Poor Robins, a collaboration with his wife Kate, has released their new album, The Raven Locks. Check out the album on iTunes or their Bandcamp page.

DPR-The Raven Locks Digital Cover

I made lyric videos for the entire album, and they can be viewed on DPR’s youtube page.